How to Turn your a Hookup into a Real Relationship

How to Turn your a Hookup into a Real Relationship

There’s something really magical about starting a fresh relationship with someone new or with someone you’re hooking up with. Surely, there are instances in your hook up relationship that both of you did try to figure out how you can turn such relationship into serious one, didn’t you? It’s a normal thing if you have already been doing the thing for quite a long time.

Modern relationships in the modern world mostly start casually than in the past because many people aren’t ready to engage with relationships where there’s commitment. Most singles are not waiting for sex, not used to establish boundaries and in labelling interaction with other singles that’s why they end up with hook up relationships.

But you can’t actually predict what will happen next. You never know, maybe you’re already falling for your partner or he/she to you but both of you are just bounded with the rules or the status you have established the very first time you met. You two can actually talk about it and decide on a better setup. If you already feel that you’re not just simply flirting, why not try taking it to the next level and go further to a serious relationship?

Plan for your Future Together

It’s not like you’re just inviting him/her to an occasion that will happen in 6 months’ time! Make it more casual. Maybe if there’s any event in your town for the next days, like a concert of a band you both admire, suggest him/her to have tickets for the show.

Be more Engaged on Social Media

This sounds silly but why not be more vocal on social media? There’s nothing wrong about broaching on social media if you’ve already been with each other for a very long time. Add him/her on Facebook or follow him/her on Instagram or Twitter and see what happens next. If you’re already connected, comment on his/her picture or post on his/her wall. If he/she comments back, this may be a sign that you can head to a real relationship.

Change your Routine

If your usual routine is to hang out on a Saturday night and have sex afterwards, you may want this routine to be out of the picture. It’s time for both of you to switch up. Spend your time in a more interesting way. Go for a hang out every week, suggest going out for dinner dates.

Be Honest with Each Other

Being real with the person means you’re also ready to be honest with him/her in all ways. if you want your relationship to work out like a serious one, both of you need to be transparent about your feelings and the things you want to do with each other. Let it be not always about sex.

Have Sweet Conversations

Talk about anything. Always be open about conversations on a starry night or during lazy afternoons. Drop hints about you not wanting to be single anymore. Talk about things you both like, exchange sweet nothings and be comfortable with each other’s company by just having conversations from time to time.

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